Life On The Road - 2009

Summer in New Hampshire '09


After spending the night, just across the boarder in Wells River, VT, I arrived in Franconia on May 7. It was raining and continued to rain for the time I was there.

I drove an hour east a few days later, in light showers, and got myself temporarily parked at the campground. Later that week I pulled out of the campground and had the RV serviced and inspected. All was well!!! It was a nice change from all the other times I have had problems.

It was nice to get to NH and to see the kids there. It had been a long difficult winter for them and we are all rejoicing the birth and wonderful progress for Adaline. Elizabeth has grown so much and is a delightful four year old.

I made a trip to Connecticut for a wonderful visit with family there. My granddaughter, Paige, is not so little anymore. She is fun to spend time with and is always interested in new things.

Time goes by too fast.

I spent a good bit of time through June getting things settled at my house in Franconia. There were many repairs that needed to be done and I was getting the house ready to rent. After many hours of work and worry, a new renter moved in on July 1.



It was a rainy month [25 out of 30 days]. Some of the storms were downright nasty. The river by the campground held it's own for the month, but the night of July 2 it flooded. I was lucky to not have it effect my site, but I was definitely worried I would have to evacuate!

We all continued to watch the river level.


It was cold and rainy month as well. Very unusual weather for this area. I was able to get out and take some pictures.



The weather finally turned nice and the month flew by. The weather was actually great. Before I knew it, it was time to start packing up the RV and getting ready for the road.

I left New Hampshire on September 8.