Life On The Road - 2011

The time between the first of the year and when I left New Mexico flew by so fast I barely remember what all happened. As things evolved at the RV Park, I realized that it would soon be time for me to move on. It was not a happy thought. I had met so many wonderful people in New Mexico and felt very much at home there.

July 8, 2011 With unspeakable sadness I drove out of New Mexico and on into Texas. I headed back home to Connecticut for the balance of the summer.

I had had maintenance done on the RV before I left NM and was hopeful that there would be no issues as I made my way back to the east coast. I drove south to Las Cruces, then picked up route 10 on my way to San Antonio. That was the most diffiult drive I had ever made. It was the middle of the summer and extremely hot in South Texas. Easily over 100f. The AC off the dash has never worked well and the generator gave me trouble so I rode with no air conditioning for 2 days. I consumed 3-4 gallons of water a day. It was incredibly hot. The RV overheated. There were exceptionally long stretches of road with nothing to see and no radio reception and no phone service. I was caught up in a "rolling wind" which moved the RV and Jeep at least 3 feet sideways. Very scary. I dragged myself into an RV park at the end of the first day and nearly collapsed. I got the RV hooked up and turned on the AC.

The second day was somewhat better, but you can believe that I was very, very glad to get to San Antonio and the very nice RV park where I would stay for about 5 days. I visited with a friend and spent a day at the River Walk. Saw the Alamo, which is in the middle of the city.


Various Pictures from NM