Life on the Road 2011-2012

July 2011

I drove on to Connecticut and spent the rest of the summer helping my friend, Sonya, who had had shoulder surgery and needed a driver.  She was getting back to driving at just the right time.   I had to evacuate because of Hurricane Irene. But not before I spend time with granddaughter, Paige, in that 'gap' week between summer camp and school starting.  Although that was cut a little short because of the hurricane.  I drove to Ohio to visit with my daughters. 

Winter 2011-2012

From Ohio I made my way to Texas to interview for a workamping job.  I established residency in Texas and worked the winter in Bryan.  It was a good winter, I met a lot of nice people and I was a little sad to leave in the spring.

Spring 2012

I had a great visit with my relatives in Georgia as I made my way back to Connecticut. It had been too many years since we had gotten together. 

I then drove back  through Ohio for a quick visit, then on to CT for another quick visit. My final destination for the summer was to New Hampshire for my summer job at  Twin Tamarack Family Camping and RV Resort 

I had a good summer there.  It was great to be back in New Hampshire.  

Fall 2012

Made stops in Connecticut  and Ohio before heading to Florida for another workamping job at Cody's Catfish Pond on the Gulf coast of Florida. I met some very interesting people the short time I was there.  But one gal, who happened to be from my hometown area, has remained a friend and I've seen her several times since.

The workamping job there didn't work out as well I I would have like, so I took a job in North Carolina at  Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge.  It is a beautiful area.  I was parked at a very remote location with no neighbors for several miles around me.  The commute to the office was so long, they gave me a government car to use.  I was on a lake that was filled with swans at that time of year.  The sounds over the water made, for me, a peaceful place to be.  However, this job didn't last long because I quickly realized that I was also in the middle of bear country and bears in North Carolina do not hibernate. My camper was visited one evening by a bear and that pretty much did it for me. I was sorry to leave, but didn't want to live in fear of being terrorized again!  

I drove west toward I-95, not knowing what I was going to do for the rest of the winter.  I  stayed at a very nice campground near Rocky Mount, North Carolina.  I paid for three nights in order to get my thoughts together and figure out what came next.  The Lord goes before me.  Hours after I updated my resume on a workamping site, I got a call from Stuart, Florida to work at a municipal park there. So I was on the road again... this time to the Atlantic coast of Florida.

December 2012

I landed in Stuart, Florida at Phipps Park Campground  about 10 days before Christmas. I immediately felt at home there. The workamping job was ideal and I loved being there.

I spent Christmas with my sweet friend, Mary.  She was always a delight to be around. I first met her when she came to New Mexico. Her personality was infectious and we all loved her.  Sadly she is gone now and we all still miss her.


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